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  • What kind of essential oils do you use?
    We proudly use Eden's Garden exclusively for all of our products. They are a fantastic company and have our respect. Please check them out at
  • Why are your products not as strongly scented as the ones I get at the store?
    We use essential oils to scent all our products. With the use of essential oils also comes a standard on our part to use proper dilution rates. The oils we use are 100% natural, but they can still be harmful if too much is used.
  • Are your products really all natural?
    Yup! It is our commitment to offer only easily pronounced ingredients derived from all natural sources. Also, no "safe synthetics". That defeats the all-natural standard we set for ourselves and for you.
  • What is the shelf life of your products?
    We are so glad you asked that! Each product is different based on the ingredients, packaging type, made on date, etc. Most products offered are good for a year. (If not, we'll let you know). And yes, natural goodies do not last as long as store bought ones. It's all those harmful chemicals that keep their stuff "good" for years. That's not natural.
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